2024 Korea Busan Tour Festival Festival Summary BEST 9

2024 Korea Busan Tour Festival Festival Summary BEST 9 (+Line-up, ticket reservation method, festival review, reservation tips sharing) It is no exaggeration to say that Busan is a city of festivals and festivals. A variety of festivals and attractions are held every year in Busan. It’s great to travel to a resort in the summer, but how about experiencing the heat of the Busan Festival, which adds to the heat of summer? In 2024, various Busan festivals and festivals will be held in Busan, attracting many tourists and Busan locals.

  • 2024 Busan Festival Busan Festival Summary
  • 1. Gwangalli Fishing Festival
  • 2. Water Bomb Busan
  • 3. Haeundae Sand Festival
  • 4. Busan International Film Festival
  • 5. Busan International Rock Festival
  • 6. Busan Lotus Lantern Festival
  • 7. Busan Dongrae Eupseong History Festival 8. Busan Mackerel Festival
  • 9. Joseon Tongsinsa Festival

1. Korea Busan Tour Gwangalli Fishery Festival

Busan 2024 Gwangan Reobang Festival

✓ Venue: Gwangalli Beach area, Busan

✓ May 10, 2024 (Fri) ~ May 12, 2024 (Sun) / 3 days ✓ Free offers

✓ Other information @eobang_festival

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Gwangalli Fishing Festival is a festival based on the folk culture of traditional fishing villages in Busan, and is known as the only festival in Korea with a traditional culture theme. It is based on the ‘Fishing Room’, a joint fishing operation between the Joseon Dynasty navy and Busan fishermen. During the festival, you can enjoy about 20 exhibitions and experience programs at the folk village that recreates the old naval barracks and fishing village. Experience programs include catching live fish with bare hands, net fishing, and Hanbok experience.

As the Busan 2024 Gwangalli Room Festival is an event held every year, I hope many people will visit Busan and enjoy it.

2. Water Bomb Busan 2024

Water Bomb Busan 2024/ ©Travel Talk Talk Water Bomb Busan 2024

✓ Venue: Performance location to be announced later ✓ July 27, 2024 (Sat)

✓ Regular price: 154,000 won

✓ Early ticket: KRW 88,000 (40% discount) ✓ When the limited quantity per session is sold out, the price of tickets for the next session will increase.

The 2024 Busan Water Bomb Festival, which will cool off the heat of the hot sun, is scheduled to be held on Saturday, July 27, 2024. It is said that you can experience a new dimension with exciting music, performances, and water fighting . How about escaping your stressful daily life and visiting the Busan 2024 Water Bomb Festival?

Tickets for the 2024 Water Bomb Busan Festival, which can be purchased before the venue, performance time, and lineup are revealed, are currently on sale. If you purchase Water Bomb Busan 2024 tickets now, you can purchase them for 88,000 won, a 40% discount from the regular price.

The lineup for Water Bomb Busan 2024 is similar to last year, but it is expected that stronger artists will appear.

3. Busan Haeundae Sand Festival

Haeundae Sand Festival 2024/©Travel Talk Talk Busan Haeundae Sand Festival

✓ Venue: Haeundae Beach / Haeundae Plaza area ✓ Scheduled to be held in May 2024

✓ Festival Pricing: Free Event

✓ Main events: World Sand Sculpture Exhibition, Sand Observatory, Challenge! I am also a sand sculptor, sandboard, etc.

✓ Host: Haeundae

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The Haeundae Sand Festival, one of the Busan 2024 festivals, is a festival that uses a special and unique material called sand, with Haeundae Beach as the background, and is well-received as an eco-friendly festival. It was first held in 2005, and in 2009, it was registered as a trademark at the Korean Intellectual Property Office and has been recognized as a unique brand called Haeundae Sand Festival. Every year, many people visit the Haeundae Sand Festival and enjoy playing with sand.

4.Korea Busan Tour Busan International Film Festival 2024

Busan International Film Festival 2024

✓ Venue: Busan Cinema Center area

✓ Scheduled to be held in early October 2024

✓ Ticket Information: Opening/Closing Ceremony reservations can only be made online.

✓ General screening tickets: online, BIFF box office ✓ BIFF box office is open only during the film festival period.

Busan 2024 Busan International Film Festival is a film festival planned to develop Busan, the birthplace of Korean film, into a city of culture and arts suitable for the era of local autonomy. Held every fall at the Busan Film Center, it is the largest film festival in Asia along with the Tokyo and Hong Kong International Film Festivals.

From now on, I will give you some tips for purchasing tickets for the Busan International Film Festival 2024. When advance tickets go on sale, we recommend that you purchase advance tickets first and then purchase tickets for each movie. Advance tickets to the Busan International Film Festival can be purchased for 8,000 won per ticket, and a maximum of 30 tickets can be purchased per person.

5. Busan International Rock Festival 2024

2024 Busan International Rock Festival/©Travel Talk Talk 2024 Busan International Rock Festival ✓ Venue: Samnak Ecological Park, Sasang-gu, Busan ✓ Scheduled to be held in early October 2024 ✓ Ticket information: Early bird ticket – 2-day ticket 132,000 won Regular ticket – 1-day ticket 110,000 won / 2-day ticket 165,000 won ✓ Up to 4 regular tickets can be reserved per person ✓ On-site sales tickets are sold in limited quantities only after online reservations end.

The 2024 Busan International Rock Festival is a rock music festival held in Busan Metropolitan City. Hosted by Busan Metropolitan City, it began taking place in 2000. Until 2018, it was famous as a completely free festival, but from 2019, it became fully paid, and the price of a one-day ticket is now well over 100,000 won. Still, the popularity of the 2024 Busan International Rock Festival has not waned, so if you are planning to purchase tickets, you will likely need to make a lot of effort.

How about leaving behind your tiring daily life and enjoying the cool weather at the 2024 Busan International Rock Festival? You can meet a band with a beat that resonates throughout your body and an intense sound, and the sound of people running in unison to the rhythm played by the band fills your ears.

6. Busan Lotus Lantern Festival

Busan Lotus Lantern Festival 2024/©Travel Talk Talk 2024 Busan Lotus Lantern Festival

✓ Event location: Song Sanghyeon Square, Busan Citizens Park area ✓ Scheduled to be held in late April – early May 2024 ✓ Fee: Free

✓ Age limit: All ages are welcome

✓ Viewing time: Individual information The 2024 Busan Lotus Lantern Festival is an event in the Busan region that succeeds the Lotus Lantern Festival, which has been designated as a national intangible cultural asset and a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Programs such as a lighting ceremony, hogi play, a simple lotus lantern procession, and sharing netit rice cakes will be held. During the event, a wish lantern hanging experience will be held, so we recommend paying the experience fee (1,000 won) to participate.

7. Busan Dongrae Eupseong History Festival

Busan Dongraeupseong History Festival/©Travel Talk Talk Dongrae Eupseong History Festival

✓ Event location: Dongrae Cultural Center, Dongrae Eupseong Square, Oncheonjang area ✓ Expected in early October 2024

✓ Fee: Free

✓ Age limit: All ages are welcome

✓ Event time: Individual information

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The 2024 Busan Dongrae Eupseong History Festival, held amidst a feast of history and tradition with the slogan, “Encounter Dongrae, Joseon, in the fall of October in Busan,” is a history education-type experience festival. The representative program, ‘The Lonely Castle’, a musical reenacting the Battle of Dongrae Castle, sheds new light on the uprising during the Japanese invasions of 1592, in which warriors cried out for theft and sacrificed their lives to protect Dongrae Castle. It is an experiential program that is staged on the hill at the north gate of Dongrae-eupseong Fortress, where visitors become part of the play. It’s a musical.

Various cultural/performance programs will be held, including the opening performance (fireworks show), traditional tightrope walking, sports activities for wise town residents, metallurgy and metallurgy Bukmun busking, and Dongrae town song festival. During the 2024 Busan Dongrae Eupseong History Festival, the Dongrae Sale Festival will also be held, and you can receive discounts from participating companies at discount rates ranging from 5% to 30%.

8. Busan Mackerel Festival

Internet Community/©Travel Talk Talk

2024 Busan Mackerel Festival

✓ Event location: Songdo Beach area in Seo-gu, Busan ✓ Expected by the end of October 2024

✓ Fee: Free

✓ Age limit: All ages are welcome

✓ Event time: Individual information

The 2024 Busan Mackerel Festival is themed around mackerel, the national fish, and provides domestic and foreign tourists with an opportunity to enjoy Busan’s unique festival culture. By linking Busan local history and festivals, we are creating a synergy effect in revitalizing the local economy and tourism industry. If you are planning to visit Busan in October, when the cool autumn breeze blows, I recommend that you stop by and enjoy the city’s festivals.

9. Busan Joseon Tongsinsa Festival

Internet Community/©Travel Talk Talk

2024 Busan Telecommunications Festival ✓ Event location: Yongdusan Park, Gwangbok-ro area, Joseon Tongsinsa History Museum, Busan Port Coastal Passenger Terminal ✓ Expected early May 2024

✓ Fee: Free

✓ Age limit: All ages are welcome

✓ Event time: Varies by event

The 2024 Busan Tongsinsa Festival is a festival that revives the procession of Joseon Tongsinsa and Joseon Tongsinsa that traveled between Joseon and Japan. It was started to promote friendship between Korea and Japan. Major programs include the ‘Cultural Delegation of Peace Procession’ and ‘Chosun Tongsinsa Line Waterway Tour’.

What’s special about the Busan Tongsinsa Festival is that performances are held to promote exchanges between Korea and Japan. The Korean/Japanese street performance by the telecommunication company is also worth paying attention to, so I highly recommend participating. It is said that the procession reenactment during the 2024 Busan Tongsinsa Festival will be conducted by recruiting general citizens on a first-come, first-served basis, so it will be a fun experience for those who want to participate in the event in person.

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